Wednesday, 26 August 2015

In which a manifesto, of sorts, coalesces.

Looking at the world today, with its many and varied problems, the obvious thought occurs to the sentient person: why isn't there more ill-informed blogging occupying virtual space on the world-wide wide interweb?

Well, rest easy, hypothetical reader, for herewith is further rambling and ranting of a vague and poorly-defined nature, the enthusiasm for both writing and reading of which will inevitably fade as time goes by. Maybe, together, we will find a way through the miasma of modern life, to reach the broad, sunlit uplands, or alternatively perhaps we will reach an amicable agreement to just let it go and trouble each other no more. 

So, I hear nobody cry, what's all this about then? What do you want from us and why don't you just leave us alone to eat our cheesy snacks and bread products in peace? I wish I could, dear hearts. Or, at least (and at most), I have apparently decided on this course for now, and suggest that we just get on with it and see what transpires.

Being a being of dazzling originality (or at least of insufficient curiosity to check whether anything I bang on about on here has been done to death elsewhere) things that may crop up on here could include such diverse subjects as mountains, walking, walking on mountains, "stuff that I see around and about", and generally anything that flits through my waking brain that, even if for just a moment, makes me think "oh, well now there's a thing."

Join me. Or don't. It's a busy old world and we all have things to be getting on with, but if you have nothing better to do, or not much on, let's give it a go.

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